Benefits of ceramic pots and pansWhen we think of cookware we often think of the sets of metal pots and pans that you find in every kitchen store.

Copper, aluminum and steel are the most commonly recognized materials used in contemporary cookware. There is, however, another type of cookware that is equal to or even better than its metal counterpart.

This better-than-metal cookware is ceramic cookware.

This article will present several ways that ceramic cookware outdoes traditional metal pots and pans.

Safe construction

Most metallic cookware is constructed using harmful, often toxic, chemicals. This is especially true in the case of non-stick cookware.

Teflon, while considered safe to use, does in fact contain many harmful and toxic elements. While these elements are safe under normal conditions, there are still times when these toxins can become dangerous.

Extremely high heat can cause toxins in non-stick cookware to leach into food, or to simply release gasses into the air.

Flaking can cause the non-stick material to actually get into food, resulting in people ingesting harmful chemicals and compounds while eating.

Ceramic pots and pans are free from these materials, thus providing a safe, healthy way to cook food.


Ceramic cookware, unlike its metal counterpart, is highly versatile. Due to the fact that ceramic cookware is free of metal, it is almost always microwave safe.

Additionally, ceramic pots and pans are also refrigerator safe, meaning that food can be safely stored in the very container it was cooked in. This is not only convenient, but it is an ideal way to maintain the full flavor of the food you prepare.

Furthermore, ceramic cookware can double as serving pieces. Thus, you can use the very same dish you cooked in as a serving dish, saving on cleanup and improving presentation by eliminating the need to transfer food from one dish to another.

Better heat distribution

Metal cookware, especially modestly priced sets, can tend to have issues regarding heat distribution.

Some pots can be too thin, thus overheating contents on the bottom while contents on the top remain cold. Additionally, cheaper metal pots and pans can have hot spots—specific points that heat up faster than the surrounding area.

These hotspots will cause food to heat unevenly, resulting in burning and sticking, which adversely affect the flavor of the food and the cleanup process afterward.

Ceramic cookware is renowned for having even heat distribution. This is due to the heat conducting qualities of the materials, as well as the manufacturing methods. This means that foods are cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Additionally, ceramic cookware maintains heat better than metal, enabling you to serve out of the same pieces that you cooked in.

Dishwasher safe

Most of us only break out the cookware when we entertain guests. That said, many times we spend more time cleaning up than we do actually enjoying the meal that we made.

Ceramic pots and pans are almost always dishwasher safe, meaning that cleanup is fast and easy. With ceramic cookware you can load up the dishwasher and simply push a button.

It, however, you have to hand wash your ceramic cookware, you still have an advantage.

Ceramic is totally safe for soaking, thus you can soak stuck on food overnight, making cleanup fast and easy even without a dishwasher!


From versatility to safety, ceramic cookware can prove to be head and shoulders above its metal alternative in many different ways.

Not only can ceramic pots and pans provide healthier cooking conditions, but they can seriously reduce your need for additional serving pieces and storage containers.

Healthy, attractive and versatile, ceramic pots and pans are a definite plus for anyone shopping for reliable and enjoyable cookware.