The prettiest of kitchens is just a nice room to behold if it isn’t outfitted with at least a basic set of appliances that will turn a hodgepodge of ingredients into delectable dishes.

Given that there are so many necessities when outfitting your kitchen we’re sure you have neither the time nor the patience to go over reviews for every category.

This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to try out various utensils, gadgets and appliances and turn our findings into a comprehensive set of guides that contain everything you need to get cooking.

First of all you’ll need something to actually cook in. That’s where our assortment of pots and pans comes in. Whether you’re looking for a basic set or the most sophisticated and high-tech line you’ll find what you need right here.

Proper food preparation is key to a fine meal, and there’s nothing that can replace a good old chef knife in that respect. Having a sharp blade is essential for meal preparation at any level, and we’re making sure you’ll be well equipped.

If speed is more of your thing, why not peruse our guide on pressure cookers? These efficient time savers will have your dishes steaming on the table in no time while leaving you more time for other things… or desert!

Once you’re done cooking or even before you start, it’s nice to kick back and enjoy cup of joe. Getting yourself a single serve coffee maker will make the waiting shorter and the cleanup process practically non-existent.

Coffee might not be your thing though, and if especially if you are health conscious we’re sure that nothing gets you going in the morning like an all natural smoothie or juice. Take a look at our guide, pick out a juicer and you’ll soon be sipping on a healthy drink.

We’re giving you all the tools you need in a straightforward, easy to understand manner, so go out there and make some culinary magic!